Pain Without Drugs

Dr. Goyle’s Pain Perspective – Managing Pain Without Drugs

Pain Without Drugs. Chronic pain continues to be one of the most challenging fields of medicine.  There has been a constant struggle to find ways to effectively manage chronic pain for as long as most of us can remember. But now, with the opioid crisis threatening the very fabric of society, pharmaceutical companies are coming to understand that drugs are not always the right solution. The problem is that very few non-pharmacological solutions exist. 

Managing Pain Without Drugs

This is where regenerative medicine could prove most helpful in the years to come. The vision at ISPW is to look more seriously into regenerative medicine as viable and effective treatments for chronic pain.   We aim to help patients and referring providers to overcome the thinking that drugs are the only way. 

At ISPW we offer several treatments that are an alternative to opioids.  Below is a description of three innovative treatments being utilized for pain management worldwide and here locally at ISPW. The first two are regenerative medicine treatments already proving themselves as worthy alternatives to drugs and managing your pain without drugs.

1. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy 

PRP therapy is a therapy that utilizes one’s own blood platelets and the many growth factors they contain. It is an autologous procedure, meaning the patient being treated provides his or her own blood. Autologous treatments are already approved by the FDA as long as the provided material remains minimally manipulated throughout. The therapy is based on the premise that blood platelets and growth factors stimulate the body’s natural healing processes at the site of the pain. At ISPW this treatment is most commonly used for patients dealing with arthritis pain or the pain from musculoskeletal injuries. 

2. Stem Cell Therapy 

Similar to PRP, it is believed that stem cells trigger the body’s natural healing action to address the source of pain. Research suggests that stem cell injections may provide some of the raw materials needed to begin the healing process. However, this has not been proven.

Stem cell therapy is similar to PRP therapy in terms of preparation and application. Patients donate stem cells through a simple blood draw or a procedure similar to liposuction that obtains adipose fat tissue. The donated material is placed in the centrifuge and spun to isolate the stem cells. The resulting material is then injected at the site of injury or disease. 

3. Neurostimulation 

Neurostimulation is a treatment offered at ISPW that is not a regenerative medicine therapy.   As the name implies, it is a treatment that relies on using a stimulator to pass electrical impulses to the spine. It is believed that those impulses scramble the messages being sent by the nervous system, preventing them from reaching the brain where they can be interpreted as pain. 

One of the benefits of neurostimulation is that it can be adjusted to accommodate for changes in the level pain a patient feels. Adjustments can be made to increase or reduce the electrical impulses or address pain occurring in a different part of the body. 

Now, none of these therapies are guaranteed to work for every patient. Furthermore, researchers do not fully understand the mechanisms behind how each one works. But we do know these treatments are becoming increasingly more popular as alternatives to pain medication and surgery.  At ISPW we believe that these treatments are some of the most promising.  With respect to PRP and Stem cells, as regenerative medicine procedures, their main purpose is not to treat symptoms, but rather to encourage healing. We believe that this is the best way to manage chronic pain.

We look forward to seeing you and partnering with you on your journey to health, wellbeing, and happiness.  If you are looking to combat Pain Without Drugs. Please contact  us to schedule a consultation.

The mission of ISPW is to deliver compassionate, ethical, individualized patient-centered care based on integrity, authenticity and empathy. We aim to empower the patient with a better quality of life using innovative techniques, complementary and alternative modalities, and evidence-based medicine.

This practice is committed to delivering personalized care and evidence-based treatments to help decrease patients’ pain and suffering. ISPW offers cutting-edge regenerative medicine and regenerative therapies not only for painful conditions but also as part of our aesthetic medicine program. Dr. Goyle has been practicing interventional pain medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona for over a decade.

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Dr. Ashu Goyle is a double board-certified, fellowship-trained anesthesiologist and interventional pain specialist. His Pain Medicine Fellowship at Cleveland Clinic afforded him the unique opportunity to not only train at one of the nation’s top hospitals and teaching institutions but also with the world’s leaders in pain medicine. While at Cleveland Clinic he received extensive training in acute and chronic pain management.