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Facing issues like persistent pain, stiffness, or inflammation? Leaving it to chance isn't wise for your well-being. Our clinic brings you the latest in regenerative medicine and orthobiologics, targeting the root of pain to restore your vitality and mobility. Don't let pain define your limits. Book your consultation TODAY at Integrated Spine, Pain, and Wellness, where science meets health to transform your life!

The Future of Regenerative Medicine & Natural Healing

While traditional pain management techniques offer relief, they often do not address the root causes of chronic pain and limited function. A holistic approach to pain, using regenerative medicine/orthobiologics, considers the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate, offering a more comprehensive solution for long-term wellness. At Integrated Spine, Pain, and Wellness we are dedicated to helping you ‘Rediscover Your Peak Performance.’ We harness advanced regenerative treatments, empowering your body to reduce pain, and enhance function. With our state-of-the-art therapies, you can regain mobility, reduce dependency on pain medication, and embrace a life of vitality and activity.


Your Pain Management

Discover a new path to managing chronic pain with our cutting-edge approach. Our clinic specializes in regenerative medicine and orthobiologics, offering solutions that steer clear of addictive medications and invasive procedures. Learn how personalized care and the latest health techniques can transform your approach to pain management. 

  • Regenerative Medicine: A non-addictive alternative to traditional pain relief methods, focusing on your body’s natural healing abilities. 
  • Tailored Treatment Plans: Customized strategies informed by advanced diagnostics to address your specific pain management needs. 
  • Innovative Techniques: Utilize the latest in orthobiologic treatments that may help reduce pain and improve quality of life.


A Different Approach to Treating Your Pain

Concierge Pain Medicine

Experience the pinnacle of personalized care with our Concierge Pain Medicine service. Here, you're not just a patient; you're a VIP. We dedicate time to listen actively, understand your unique situation, and treat you with the utmost care and respect. This service ensures that you receive the tailored attention and bespoke treatment plans that you deserve, all aimed at improving your quality of life.

Hormone Health for Pain Management

Our practice recognizes the intricate link between hormonal balance and pain perception. By addressing hormone levels, we can offer another layer of treatment that complements our regenerative medicine techniques. Proper hormone regulation can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and enhance overall well-being, forming a crucial part of our holistic approach.

Innovative Care for Lasting Relief

Our clinic is at the forefront of innovative care, utilizing the latest advancements in pain medicine to offer effective relief. From state-of-the-art regenerative treatments to cutting-edge orthobiologic therapies, we provide solutions that help reduce your pain and enable you to resume the activities you love most

Individualized Care Plan for Unique Needs

Recognizing that no two individuals or their experiences with pain are identical, we emphasize creating an Individualized care plan for each patient. This detailed plan is tailored to meet your specific health goals, considering your unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle. Our commitment to personalized care ensures that we walk with you every step of the way toward achieving optimal health and pain relief.

A Whole Body Approach to Healing

We believe in addressing the symptoms and the root cause of your pain. Our whole-body approach looks beyond temporary fixes, aiming to restore your health and vitality from the inside out. By understanding the underlying factors contributing to your pain, we can craft a treatment plan that offers lasting relief and a return to your true self.

Anti-Aging & Longevity Strategies:

Integrate anti-aging protocols into your practice to address chronic pain and enhance overall vitality and longevity. Your approach can include cutting-edge treatments that leverage the body's natural healing processes, helping patients maintain their health and function as they age.


Our Unique Medical Services & Specialized Care Offerings

Dealing with persistent discomfort? Revolutionize your chronic pain management with our comprehensive treatment options. Moving beyond conventional temporary fixes, our approach combines the latest in medical expertise, lifestyle adjustments, and non-invasive therapies. We focus on addressing the root causes of your pain, providing sustainable solutions for long-term relief and improved quality of life. This isn’t just about managing symptoms—it’s about transforming your approach to wellness and achieving lasting comfort.

Explore the potential of PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy, an advanced technique that utilizes concentrations of platelets from your own blood. This approach is designed for those looking for non-surgical options to address discomfort and support the body’s natural processes in managing tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joint concerns. PRP Therapy provides a unique approach, focusing on leveraging the body’s own resources. Learn more about how this state-of-the-art treatment can be part of your journey towards well-being and activity. 

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Tired of feeling like just another number in the chronic pain management process? Experience personalized care like never before with our Concierge Pain Medicine service. Tailored to meet your unique needs, our approach goes beyond standard treatments, offering you dedicated attention and customized strategies for pain relief. With direct access to medical experts and a focus on comprehensive care, we aim to not only alleviate your discomfort but enhance your overall quality of life. This service is about more than pain relief—it’s a commitment to your health, ensuring you receive the focused, one-on-one care you deserve.

Discover the world of IV Wellness, a modern approach that delivers vitamins, minerals, and hydration directly into your bloodstream. Tailored to support your body’s natural balance and vitality, this technique offers a personalized way to complement your wellness routine. Ideal for those seeking to optimize their overall well-being without invasive procedures, IV Wellness provides a direct path to nourishing your body. Dive into how this cutting-edge service can be integrated into your lifestyle for enhanced vitality.

Dive into Hormone Optimization, a strategy aimed at enhancing your overall wellness journey and life satisfaction. By fine-tuning the body’s hormonal balance, this approach supports a harmonious internal environment, potentially playing a supportive role in the context of chronic pain. While not a direct treatment for pain, optimizing hormone levels is linked to improved well-being, which may influence how the body manages discomfort. Learn more about how integrating Hormone Optimization into your wellness plan can contribute to a more balanced, fulfilling health experience.

Struggling with weight-related discomfort? Transform your approach to weight loss with our medically supervised programs, designed to help you shed excess weight and address the strain it puts on your body. Our holistic, nonsurgical strategy integrates nutrition, physical activity, and medical oversight, offering a path to lose weight healthily and mitigate weight-induced pain. This program isn’t just about temporary solutions and embracing a lifestyle change that supports long-term well-being and pain reduction.

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Transforming Pain Management with Our Unique Approach

Explore our groundbreaking approach to alleviating pain with regenerative medicine in our newest video feature on Sonoran Living Live. At Integrated Spine Pain and Wellness, Dr. Ashu Goyle introduces a pioneering method that prioritizes your body’s natural healing abilities. This approach is at the heart of our practice, where we focus on minimizing discomfort and enhancing your health through innovative, non-invasive treatments. Watch our video to see how we’re setting new standards in pain relief and patient care, offering a holistic path to recovery that taps into the incredible power of regenerative medicine.



Google Reviews

Becky Peek
Becky Peek
Dr Goyle and everyone who works here is very kind and you can tell they really care about their patients. I have gotten many injections from a lot of different doctors and this team is by far the best.
Bozena Reszka
Bozena Reszka
Dr. A. Goyle is very knowledgeable, compassionate and caring doctor/pain specialist. He truly goes out of his way to help his patients. He helped me so much with my back pain and finally getting the proper diagnosis of the underlaying issue. I feel I am extremely lucky to have found Dr. Goyle ! I have many friends who have been seeing him for some time, and all I hear is compliments and positives. He has a really big heart and dedication to his patients. His clinic is a modern facility and staff is amazing. Thank you Dr. A. Goyle and the entire team for all your wonderful care. Forever very grateful, Bozena Reszka
Carolyn Rearley
Carolyn Rearley
Always helpful.
Patrice Tinlin
Patrice Tinlin
Dr. Goyle and his staff go the extra mile for their patients. I have been very pleased with the outcomes of my procedures.
George Niedner
George Niedner
Friendly staff caring practice
Susan Tannehill
Susan Tannehill
Dr Goyle takes the time to make you feel like you are his only priority. His knowledge and expertise with respect to the most current treatments are second to none.
Gina Cassella
Gina Cassella
Dr. Goyle is one of the most pleasant physicians I have ever met! He takes the time to really listen and truly cares for his patients! 10/10, I highly recommend!
Dr Adnan Saithna, MD
Dr Adnan Saithna, MD
I was very happy with the comprehensive evaluation and advice from Dr Goyle who is widely recognized as a leading expert in regenerative medicine. I will be having a PRP injection for quadriceps tendinitis. Dr Goyle has given me a clear plan of how to optimize my diet over the next few weeks in order to get the best quality PRP for the injection and explained the procedure and rehab clearly. His office staff are equally wonderful and were friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend Dr Goyle and his team!


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