Food Coaching to Help Lower Inflammation

Food Coaching to Help Lower Inflammation

Diets, weight loss, and healthy eating are all the rage. But what about eating to nourish our body and to help keep our inflammation down? 

As we slowly come out of our most recent pandemic, we are now more than ever reminded of the importance of healthy eating. What we consume daily may determine the outcome of our health. Food truly is medicine and can be used to help keep each of us healthy if we consume quality foods full of nutrition. Food can also cause disease and health problems if they are foods that are highly processed and full of refined sugar. 

Before becoming a doctor, I had no idea why choosing certain foods to eat was so crucial. I didn’t learn about the importance of quality and healthy ingredients until I was in medical school. I often see patients whose primary focus is to be and eat healthier; they don’t know how. That’s why we now offer Food Coaching at ISPW. 


Food Coaching 


I have teamed up with my wife, Nikki, to help educate patients on how to start implementing healthier food into their daily lives. Nikki has been an at-home chef for over a decade and has become an expert in choosing more healthy options and substitutions. Having her health struggles, Nikki took a deep dive into research, books, articles, and guidance from her doctors to learn how to use food as medicine.  Nikki was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in her late twenties and began her journey into healthy eating. 

I have had minor health issues, especially as I age, and have noticed the importance of a healthy diet to reduce some inflammatory symptoms that I was having. 

Together we created this program to help guide patients and give them the tools and resources to begin their healthy eating journey. This program helps to take the overwhelm out of the process and makes eating healthy enjoyable and not just another fad diet out there. 




What to expect in the program


Nikki and I have created our “baby steps” method, which introduces and teaches you about the world of healthy eating slowly and methodically. We want to reduce the overwhelm and make this way of eating enjoyable and exciting. The goal is not to restrict but to give you healthier options to substitute for your favorite foods.  Nikki will customize recipes according to you and special dietary restrictions (if you have any).

Some of the benefits of the food coaching program are: 

  • customized recipes for you and your cooking skill level. 
  • healthy snack ideas 
  • eating out guide 
  • complete anti-inflammatory lifestyle guide 
  • resources and tools to help heal systemic inflammation. 

With all of these resources and guides, we can get you started on living a healthier and more fulfilled life. 



We want each of our patients to live the healthiest and happiest life possible. One of the keys to unlocking that gate is through diet and lifestyle. Our goal is to educate and inform patients, giving them the tools and resources necessary to take control of their health and make a choice to be healthier. 

To find out more about this program, contact our front desk. They would be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also send us an email at


Here’s to good health and less pain, 

Dr. Goyle